Anything to look for when buying a S6?

I've just bought a 2001 S6 avant for £9k. Higher miles at 110000 but very good condition. The car you are looking at has been on pistonheads for quite a while so i would offer well under asking price.
Common problems are:
- leaks in front passenger footwell. If wet there walk away- fixing the leak isn't expensive but all the ecus are housed under the floor and if they get wet it's a huge bill
- make sure it was more than the timing belt was changed. Water pump, tensioners and pulleys should have been done at the same time. If not it is very unlikely they will last another 80000 miles. If anyone other than audi or a good independent has done it i would seriously think about getting it done after buying. you will only ever regret not doing it if you intend to keep the car a while.
- check for coolant and oil leaks, all the usual stuff for any car.

Other than that they are good cars. Very pleased with mine. It's not devastatingly fast but as a comfortable all weather cruiser is hard to beat. interior is far nicer than the newer audis. 25mpg on a run isn't bad but don't penny pinch on the maintenance. For a third of the price of an rs6 i think it's a bargain. Keep a few grand aside for repairs and don't expect to run it on a budget then it'll last you forever. I looked on the german equivalent of autotrader and there are plenty around with 2 or 300000 miles. Would you rather lose £10k in depreciation on a new mondeo over 3 years, or spend the same on maintenance and fuel on an s6?
And there it is, the big girl's bought, thanks to Adam who posted the original query I now have a big V8 S6 in my driveway, the thing absolutely rocks, the noise, the speed, the comfort.......petrol costs will be a bit rough but hey ho, its a cost I'm willing to put up with.....

The missus even loves it which is always a bonus

Cheers Mark
you are sad, and you didn't even get your surname right for your username. it should of been 340bhp..

Get it cleaned and get some pics up..
yeah bad spellin on my part, was wondering why I couldn't log in the first time......

28.8mpg on a 100mile run from belfast to dublin, was only doing 60mph cause I had the missus behind me in our old mini

has now dropped to 22.5mpg with 7mile run in and out of work, happy enough if it stays round there, sure even if it drops small price to pay for the sound of V8....:)