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Mar 12, 2008
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Hi to all
I have had my audi a4 tdi 170 quattro for about 3 weeks and ime sure many also have the same car, my question is that i find the power very on or off, I have been looking on many web sites and they all quote max torque to arrive at 1750 rpm but mine is flat until 2400 to 2600 does this seem right as i have spoken to the dealer to book it in.

I have the 2wd version Special Edition 170 and I know what you mean!!

Useless under 2k on mine and nothing near the 1750 mark that Audi quote.

I've taken to now driving it on A roads in no lower gear than 5th to keep it a bit more in the rev range.

I also find that the car can be more responsive on some days compared to others - but this could just be me!!!
I also find that the car can be more responsive on some days compared to others - but this could just be me!!!

Turbo charged cars will always perform better on cooler days, as colder air = denser air, which gives you a better burn..

But I also appreciate what you are saying, I find my non turbo car does the same..

14 degrees C seems to be optimum for me..
Yep, I've noticed the 14 degrees C too, very strange.

I feel at the moment that my car is actually loosing power, it could be me just getting used to the power/torque but I am convinced that the car is not as responsive as it used to be, its due its first service in 2k, we'll see if anything improves after that.
Mines the same - the demonstrator I drove was much better. I wonder if Audi have 'de tuned' the later 170's to get over their DPF problems. I've been reading a very interesting thread on the A3 forum - it seems a number of 170 TDi owners have been having serious problems with their cars. All resulting in the car switching to 'limp home mode', there seems to be a hint of a common DPF problem surfacing. I'm sure it can't be isolated to A3's with this engine!? My car did this today - engine management light came on and car could barely do 30mph, its at the stealers now. After reading the posts on the A3 forum I am going to ask some very pointed questions tomorrow.
I find the same problem in my A4 Avant 170 S-Line - very flat until about 2300-2500rpm ... then whoosh ! all the power at once.
I took it to a local car tuners, and asked about remapping to see if the torque band could be lowered, and was told that it would make minimal difference to the lower end of the rev range, as it took the turbo to spin up to speed and that was the reason for the dead spot ? I don't know how true that is, but he could have lied and charged me the £700 + vat but he didn't !!!
Has anyone had their 170 remapped and has it made any difference??

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