Audi Coupe Boot Lock Replacement Part???


Audi Coupe 2.3
Jan 30, 2008
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The New Forest
Need a bit of a hand sourcing a replacement boot lock for my B3 Coupe. The original lock is not working at all (it turns but does not pop the boot). I've searched around the net and although this seems to be a common problem on the older B3s I can't source a replacement lock from GSF or Euro Car Parts. Would I have to go to the stealers for this? Is it worth me taking the original lock off and trying to repair that? I noticed the boot locks from breaking cars on eBay seem to get snapped up fairly quickly - would this be my only route do you think?

Sorry for the twenty questions - any help would be appreciated.

Has this suddenly happened, or have you just bought the car, or have you done any other work?
The reason I ask, is that mine stopped working when I overadjusted the hatch bumpstops. when there's too much tension there, the catch just won't release. If you push down hard on the spoiler, as you operate the release, it may work if this were the case?
Interesting..... I bought the car and the boot was inconsistent - sometimes it would open and sometimes not. Recently it has just ceased to work. Although in the past, if I've rocked the back of the car up and down, then tried the boot it has worked. So I'm thinking what happened to your motor maybe happening with mine. I'll give it a try and let you know. Cheers Scotty.
When i got my coupe, boot wouldnt open so went to scrap yard and got one off an 80, Stripped it down and swapped bits, the fixing holes are slightly out but 2 out of 3 works for me and only a fiver