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Apr 8, 2004
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Hello All ~

I'm new to European car modifications, and looking for good sources/suppliers/advice on making my 2.6 run stronger and faster.

Any links or specific advice you can offer would be MOST appreciated, as all I can seem to find so far are cosmetic mods.

I'd like to "Piggyback" this post aswell, What is there out there for 2.6's in terms of tuning ? I've got a fair few chassis parts so far, it's the Engine tuning i'm after. I've seen a few 2.8's supercharged, can it be done to a 2.6 ? Or are there Head swaps that can be done ?
I run an A4 2,6 Quattro Sport.

You can certainly fit a supercharger to your 2,6 cars.
The PES G1 supercharger was specific to the 12V motor, and will work well on both your cars.

A cheap mod is to fit the 2,8 intake plenum, as it was variable length, so had good torque at bottom and top end.

There are no benefits in fitting 2,8 heads, as they're the same. the cam's are different though, but again, there'll be little benefit in fitting them.

I haven't bother to tune my 2,6, I've opted for an engine transplant instead, as tuning parts for the 12V motors are few and far between.

A 75 shot of nitrous is a cheap, effective modification, but it's short-term power.
Thanks for that, I think i might go for the Supercharger. I'm not sure whats been done to my car, but it goes really well. I believe it's a 2.6, but it's got S badges all over it and has lots of Genuine audi strut braces, Bilstein suspension all round and a strange sports interior.

Do you know if there is any manifolds/full exhausts avaliable off the top of your head ?

Edit - Would i be very stupid in thinking a 2.8 Supercharger from an A4 would fit with minimal modifications ?

Also, What does my engine code mean ? I've searched for it and all the references i can find say 85KW GKAT M5S but mine says 110KW GKAT M5S, which appears to be the same as an A4 ?
When you say "S" badges, what exactly do you mean?

I take it your car's an 80? Audi never fitted Bilsteins as standard, the Sport package had Boge or Sachs sport dampers.

No manifolds are available to buy off the shelf for the 12V. As for exhausts, I get them custom made from scratch, out of T304 stainless steel.

The G1 supercharger for the 12V A4 will fit your car, no problem there. I take it you have the ABC engine?

The code is on the sticker in your trunk, it's also in the first page of your service book.
The S badges are like this -

And this is the inside of the Handook, but i also have a massive folder full of reciepts for extra Audi accessories. Including Bilstein Shock absorbers. -

Can you help me decipher that ?

I know the original owner of the car and his father was an Audi main dealer local to me and said it was a dealer specific sports model. But i've discounted that as a sales ploy !

Thanks for you help, I REALLY appreciate it :kissmyrings:

I don't know if the 'S' badges were fitted when it was new, I guess this was an early equivalent of the current S line models? I think the 1BE code in your options list refers to sports suspension, I guess there will be others for the seats etc?

The 110kW is engine output in kiloWatts, or 150 hp

as stated above, the 2.8 inlet manifold could be used, but you would need to rig up a way of operating the changeover valve.

There were 2 2.8 engines, the early AAH had 8mm valve stems and a more aggressive cam profile, the later AFC had better 7mm valve stems which gave better breathing heads, the cams were milder, but it still gave the same 174hp as the AAH. The AFC also had a lighter weight hydraulic lifter. Best combination is early spec cams and late heads. I'm not sure, but the same differences may exist in the 2.6 engine?

There are mods that can be done, the secret seems to be improving the breathing, if you don't go for supercharging or nitrous:



Probably another good place to search is the 12v development forum at Audiworld.com Mance Etheredge (did the work above) posts under user name VAP.
:anbet: **** that guy's good !

Thanks for that ! So much invaluable stuff in there !

Now, where to start :think:


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