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Sep 24, 2007
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Swindon Wilts

19" new RS4 wheels - does anyone know of a good seller with a good tyre package?
Also what wheel will I need for my 1.9TDI A4 B6? are they the 100 or 112? And whats the difference?! Also what is the offset for mine?

or these in titanium - to go on my ming blue motor
OEM RS4's wont fit as the offset is different to fill the flared arches, plus they'd be a shed load of cash!! I've often thought about getting a set of these for my motor but switch between liking them & not liking them, dangerous I think in case I shell out the cash & then dont like them on the car!!!
PM me your number and Ill pass it onto my wheel guy tonight. His prices are excellent.
could some of you guys do me a quick favour? Can I see an A4 B6 Saloon with a set of 18''s and another with a set of 19's on? I'm looking at 19's but the profile is 35!!! I think that'll be too hard personally. What do 18s sit on?
If 18's look good I may go for those (and save a few £££s too!).
Sorry I know nothing about wheels etc!
I run 19"s with a 35 tyre and they're grand mate. Only problem comes whenyou have to buy new tyres!
lol sure you just buy new rims rocko ;)

as for 35s yeas they are correct, 40s on 18s but as you move up a size in wheel you need to go down a size in tyre.

18s are a bit small tho might be ok on those rims as the spokes go right out to the edge.
can believe it lol.

you get yours yet?
yeah come on rocco, wheres the pics, Im intrigued to see the result!!!:yes:
Getting them fitted this evening, in what is at the minute a hurricane like wind.

Ah well, Ill be inside drinking tea.
does anyone experience tracking / tramlining with 19's? I used to have an MGF that was a nightmare for it when I put on bigger wheels.

gOnna check my insurance out tonight and buy some of the titanium ones off ebay if it all checks out ok.
I always thought tramlining was when you have wheels with a wider offset wrong for you car!!

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