1989 quattro coupe 2.2 engine rattle


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Feb 27, 2008
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Hello all,
Just purchased a 1989 2.2 quattro coupe 5 cylinder 10 valve,it's had a lot of work done to it including clutch replacement.Drove it home some 200 odd miles and was superb.However on starting it today there is a rattle which seems like from the rear of the engine.The oil pressure on the move was just under 5bar and idle is about 2/3 bar.Thought it might be a belt rattle but a mechanic friend fears the worst and reckons it could be a con rod loose! Also On changing through 1st and 2nd the engine jolts a bit and the seller reckoned it needed gear box mounts replacing.If it is worse case con rod how much should i expect to pay to have engine fixed or would it be more cost effective to have a recon engine fitted.Could anyone recommend anywhere to go on this problem I'm located in Essex near Colchester.
sorry for the long post would appreciate any help or advice on this

gearbox mounts sound likely for the movement, but you may get some adjustment at the snub mount on the front of the engine? The bracket which forms the frame around the snub mount itself is adjustable.
Without hearing it, I can't say what the noise is, but could it be a hydraulic tappet? Or the vacuum pump can also get noisy. Also sounds like tappets! You could unbolt the pump and remove the pushrod for testing purposes? The pump only comes into it's own if you are in the habit of left foot braking. If you drive less aggressively, you probably would not notice if it was left out altogether.
If your mate is right, it would probably be cheaper to pick up a second hand engine. I think you would have a better chance of finding a good 2.3, these were used up to approx 1994 in coupes and cabs as well as the 100, NG, AAR and NF codes. I guess all would fit, just use all the manifolds etc off the KV and possibly the cam (for best power).
many thanks for the advice,coupe is with VW dub a little specialist firm based about 7 miles away just awaiting the verdict.I'll look into the 2.3 engine suggestion i have had an email via ebay that 1 will be available shortly and i wasn't sure if it would fit so thanks again for the help.I'll post more as the story unfolds also the details of the garage as they come highly recommended for all VW & audi work including spares ect,run by a guy called fritz.

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