do detailing companies do paint thickness tests?


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Oct 4, 2005
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Im looking to buy some sort of PC for the car (probably a g220?) but i dont fancy paying 400odd quid for a paint gauge gadget! Would like to check everything is ok before i go battering in. Do detailing companies provide this service, if so how much?


yeah, i know they do it, but ive only ever seen it done included in a detail. All i want is the paint measured, not a full detail.
Doh! Sorry should have read your post and not just the title.

I dare say most of them would do it for you. They might want a drink out of it.
Aye, if local folk come along to us asking for some readings we always help out; it only takes five mins to walk around the car getting a feel for the thickness on various panels, so why not! However, if folk want a more in depth analysis of their paint, we do offer a comprehensive paint inspection service for £95 + VAT, which takes 4+ hours, necessitates the taking of over 1000 readings over the car, and results in a formal 4 page report being issued for future reference. :icon_thumright:

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