51 A6 2.5tdi multi, advice needed


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Oct 14, 2009
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My 51 A6 2.5tdi broke down in Italy couple of days ago.
I had the "hunting" and juddering going on with mine where the engine revs would fluctuate 100rpms or so every 5 secs in lower gears. (foward clutch plate??)

I lost all drive. while cruising down I pressed the gas pedal and the engine revved but no drive. As soon as the car came to a stand still. the engine turned off and I was unable to restart (ecu auto shut off??)

I checked all oils and to see if the camshaft was moving while trying to start (via oil cap) to see if belt had snapped but all looked ok.

The pick up truck guy said it was the fuel pump but I do not believe so.

The italian garage has said it is the injection pump that is broke and will cost me 2500 euro's to fix.

If the pump had broke, how come I was able to rev the engine while I was free wheeling to a stand still? and why would the gearbox dis engage because the injection pump was about to fail?

If the gearbox had broke. would I still be able to start the engine?

Help please

John, i would try a tiny squirt of ether or brake cleaner spray into the intake and see if it starts, if it does then its fueling job and posible injector pump failure...be carefull with the brake cleaner as too much and the engine will rev to redline ! If you have where to stay i would send your pump to dieselbob in Preston, Lancashire wich will cost you about 6-700 quid, ad the postage costs to Italy and you will still have plenty change left over from 2500 euros !

Thanks for the response.
I am not with the car as I am back in the UK.
I have a bigger problem now in the fact that euro assistance say i am not covered and I have to foot the bill of me getting back home.
and with a car stuck out in italy I am at a loss as to what to do.

I am facing a bill of a good 5k to get my car home and fixed.

always read the small print eh!