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Mar 31, 2004
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I need my first new tyre for my 2001 allroad 2.7T - does anyone have any tips or good/bad experience of where to buy? I am mindful that my local Audi dealer will be expensive, particularly after reading this >>>

Any thoughts appreciated!

I think the allroad tyre is specific to the car and only a couple of manufacturers make them.

Shop around is always best advise IMO
While on the subject off allroads do they still come with these really hard to clean double spoke wheels? ...... used to have them on mine! When I had the alroad I remember destroying one of the tyres with a puncture and having to order two new ones at £274 each that was sore!!!!!
Here's a pic of the one that blew. Had only done about 4k miles at the time.

Yeah it was - M25 approx 70mph - suspension light comes on - car still driving fine - car behind starts flashing - smoke pouring from the nearside rear - pull over and find that mess.
Got space saver spare out of boot and then found out that the dealer had left out the compressor during the PDI. Had to call Audi Assistance to inflate the spare - was not very happy at the time /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/burningmad.gif
don't touch the pirelli tyre, little grip and wear real quick, buy goodyear wrangler f1 from i got them for £73 each delivered inc vat, i throw them in the boot when i get it serviced. audi charge £5 per tyre fitting, works out much cheaper. they last 18/20k