4WD BEX gearbox code?


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Does anyone know the gearbox code for the BEX engine? Needs to be 4wd.

Trying to find a box ASAP as mine appears to have seized.


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There's 2 variants (at least). A UK (RHD) one I had was equipped with the HER code.
A Germany (LHD) car I know has the GDZ code.

Both cars are quattro.


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I have a Word document that I put together with bits from various sources about the 5 & 6 speed quattro gearboxes but can't see how (if at all) I can upload it as an attachment. If you pm me with your email address I could send it to you?


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Sorry it's taken so long - I've been away. Not sure if this will work but try this link:
Please bear in mind this doc is not my writing but has been gleaned off the web & is by various authors who deserve the credit for it. I'm not certain it will cover your exact transmission (it seems to have been written in America) but maybe it will help. I'm also unsure if the various links that are contained throughout the text will work but good luck anyway.
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