4NT Cobra Parking Sensors Driveway Retro Fit


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So I'm not a mechanic but like to try and do as much as I can to save a little money and learn as I go, I've tried to keep this basic, and clearly there's people who know more about how this works I just wanna share my experience....

My previous cars all had park assist, some front and rear, mostly rear, her in doors new 3 series (yeah I know, and it White...)has park assist, you get lazy, you get used to it and you forget how to park without them.

So, a good guy I know from the gym is an Audi Tech at York Audi, he said that the Cobra kit is what Audi use at factory and they use the kit for Retro Fit too. So, I decided to do it.

I bought the kit un painted (I painted them with a very thin coat of Dolphin Grey myself) from InCartec in York INCARTEC :: YORK TECHNOLOGY SPECIALISTS if you're local and want to buy from them (great guys in there, good service etc) let me know and I can arrange discounts as we send work to each other and it results in a little discount, I think retail is about £90 on these.

So, car had a towbar that I wanted shut of, don't tow anything and kept walking into it too, hurts the shins....

My Mrs has gone off to Center Parcs and took the decent camera so I'm affraid the pics are done on an iPhone so please try to allow for this.




Trim panels out from both sides, a bit fiddly, hex bolts dodgy clips etc:


Lights don't need to come out really but everything else was coming out so they did too towbar off in this pic and bumper too, a few bolts in rear arch lowers, plastic cowling underneath and off it comes:


Now for the drilling bit, now I'm scared of permanently wrecking the bumper but Ben the Audi Tech has done this many times so in he goes. Note that we've cut the plastic away to locate the ''X marks the spot'' mark and go in with a good angle to get the perfect hole to fit the sensor.


May be able to see the X below, and lots of diesel soot!


File out the hole, line the sensor up using the little ridge and dot it has to indicate it's correct position....

Action shot of Ben ''blowing'' the hole out. Dirt bomb style.


So, here's the last sensor going in and the wires being wire tied to keep them neat and not getting caught up during the re-fit. The hole cutting was done over some floor under lay to protect the bumper and to try and avoid nasty splitting of the paint as the drill goes through. Also, look at the B7 DTM edition with a few tweaks, nice....


Sensors in, Ben's Mauritius Blue B6 in the background too, nice sneakers by the way.


To the left rear (closest to the back of the car) there's a grommet and wiring to go at, feed through the sensor cable and tap into the reversing light cable, I think it was Blue with a Red marker strip on, mine is a bit messy in there due to awful wiring by the person who fitted the tow bar, in the void at the bottom is a good place to put the brain for the sensors, the beeper / buzzer for the sensors fitted nicely on the aerial block just below the rear side window, it sits directly under the vent or grille in the trim panel so it can be heard well.


The aerial base section where we put the buzzer / beeper (the kit comes with sticky pads to do this:


Bumper back on and cables fed through the grommet etc, this was a 2 man job to get it all lined up.


Notice the Genuine RS6 Ronals, played out? Maybe but I love them, they look subtle OEM and damn they're easy to clean...


So, all back together! Lower bumper section a little bent up due to towbar, maybe look to replace it or give it a little bend and see if I can straighten it out. Job done, 2 hours.

Bonus shot of the DTM with FBMFSW!


I hope you've found this useful, considering I'm not too skilled in this type of thing it was a pleasure to do, but, I could not have done it alone.....


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Nice job!:hi:


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Fella how easy is it to get the boot trim off where you positioned the sounder, I need to get access to my parking control module and havent a clue about hows best to get that trim off any help would be most appreciated fella.


Well done mate. great job and the write up is appreciated :)
Fella how easy is it to get the boot trim off where you positioned the sounder, I need to get access to my parking control module and havent a clue about hows best to get that trim off any help would be most appreciated fella.



lift up the 2 D rings on the boot floor (for securing loads) and there are 2 torx head screws under each. remove those. then there's a screw or torx head screw near the back where the load cover hooks on when closed. remove that. with the rear seats lowered you have the 2 "pins" that stick out for the seat backs to lock onto. the best thing for this is a spark plug socket.. the kind that's a long hollow metal tube with a swivel bar at the top end. A normal sockt isn't deep enough to go over the bar to get down to the nut. loosen that and remove. ideally you can lift up the rear bench too (just pops out) and underneath you'll find a bolt holding on the bolster at the side you're working on. when that's off the top end unhooks. with the bolster off that gives you access to get the full trim for that side of the boot out. I can't remember off the top of my head if there are any other screws to undo. The back end nerest the open tailgate is held in with 2 metal spring clips so get a bit of leverage and pop the back end off. A little voice in my head is telling me you might want to lift the boot carpet up too when you're taking that whole trim out. I can't remember if there's a screw in there or not. Just take it easy and you'll be OK.

***edit*** see here for better info. it talsk about removing the rear seat entirely but for your purposes you may be OK leaving that end of the trim attched and bend the trim out enough to work behind it


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Fella how easy is it to get the boot trim off where you positioned the sounder, I need to get access to my parking control module and havent a clue about hows best to get that trim off any help would be most appreciated fella.



As per four circle below, it involves the boot floor, the chrome style load protector on the boot edge and then pulling and leavering the side trim out, go steady and tease it out of position take care.


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Just catching up on a few threads, thanks doing this, I'll add it into the DIY guides sticky.

It didn't occur to me that it should go in the ''how to'' Cheers!

Happy to report I haven't backed into anything since bunging the sensors in....
if there was a "how not to" section I'd be exhausted submitting new posts :)

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Old thread revival, but it's better than starting a new one.

If I'm just swapping the bumpers over, do I still need to take the boot trims out?