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4H-Tech Short Shifter

Labern Sep 4, 2019

  1. Labern

    Labern Labern

    I just did the first mod to my S1 today by installing a 4H-Tech short shifter.
    Its very simple and only takes 15mins
    The end result is very nice. The amount of throw is how it should have been from the factory. Nice and short but still easy to find the gears.
    I also found its very simple to adjust the position of where the gear stick sits in the car. Which I prefer to have slightly more forward

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  3. lfcrule1972

    lfcrule1972 Winter is coming... Team Mythos TFSI Owners Group Audi S1 quattro

    Nice work, I've considered this in the past but I don't mind the OEM throw and have therefore not taken the plunge. Maybe if I drove an S1 with the short shifter fitted I'd change my mind? :)
  4. Labern

    Labern Labern

    Yeah I also didnt mind it but as I got this as a hobby car I plan to slowly work on it making a few changes here and there.
    I thought this was a good first step as no tuning required to reap the benefits.
    But I'm very pleased with the result and prefer how it drives now.
    I asked APR if there's would fit but they said no but they are working on it. But who knows how long that would take. So I just decided to go for the 4H-Tech one.
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  5. VeeFource

    VeeFource New Member

    One thing I found worthwhile to improve the standard shift was to clean, shim & regrease the shift linkages on the gearbox. I used some aluminium tape to take the slop out and it only needed one layer here and there. It's massively improved the feel of the shift and it cost next to nothing to do. Obviously if you're looking for shorter, heavier throws then a short shifter would be the way to go.

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