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4Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator

JamJay Jun 20, 2011

  1. JamJay

    JamJay Member

    Brand new & unused 4BAR Fuel Pressure Regulator. I bought this to fit a 1.8T BAM engine for £50 in anticipation of having to use it for a remap however I ended up not needing it for the particular mapper that I chose in the end.

    I am of course losing money on this but it's of no use to me so may as well go to someone who will benefit.

    Fitting a 4bar FPR can eliminate flat spots at lows revs which are caused by low fuelling to help European cars meet strict emissions regulations however the main benefit of fitting one (with a remap) is to ensure that the fuel injectors are getting the fuel that they/the ECU require on higher horsepower cars where they may be maxed out otherwise with the standard 3BAR FPR.
    £30 delivered via RM 1st Class Recorded. Item will be dispatched as soon as payment is recieved.



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