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Aug 7, 2005
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Kent, UK
Ok, so who's going ?!

Was wondering who might be able to suggest the best camp site to stay at for this year's race? There's 4 of us going in two cars?


Does it really matter if you stay inside or outside the circuit?
All seem to be the same re showers/toilets, etc? We dont need an electrical hook-up as we'll be in tents...


Have been going for some 8 years now. As a group, we have many discussions on the same topic.

Our favourite site is Tet Rouge, this is located just after the Dunlop Bridge. You get a great view of the track from the campsite which is a bonus.

The only problem with this site is getting a good pitch. We travel with around 18 in our group so we have to get there early in the week. However with 4 of you you should be OK.

The only problem you might have however is getting tickets for the site, we booked ours last September.
Ok so have made enquiries. Beasejour is available, although it's about a 20 minute walk to the Grandstand. No big deal. They also have the larger 105m2 pitches. Although £159, means you have plenty of room to spread out!

Looks like I'm going then !!

I wonder if Audi will be doing their hospitality venue thang en route again this year...
Looks like a good deal, where did you find the prices as this year they have restricted the tickets to just 4 UK agents.

How do you plan to cross the channel - by train or boat? We have used the boat for many years from Portsmouth, but we find the return leg to late in the day on Monday, so we now use the train.

If you have not done it can well recommend the helicopter trip around the circuit.
Nice one cheers!
I live in Kent so it'll be the ferry probably. think its about £100 rtn ? So from Dover it only takes abt 30 mins before I'm in doors supping a mug of tea !

Will see if we can do the heli ride.

There's an agent in Dover selling tickets. Cant remember the name...

Gonna book on Monday. Another fella's gonna confirm this weekend, so that'll make 5 of us (2 cars 2 tents).

What's the 'entertainment' like ??
Ok so have now booked 4 tickets camping at Beausejour ?

Will hopefully be sorting ferry tickets shortly too. Dover-Calais rtn for £70 (2 passengers).

All tickets therefore = £125 each...camping, admission and ferry
Looks like you have got a good deal. I arrange our trip each year and charge the guys £300 each. Mind you that pays for van hire and petrol, £500's of beer, and food for the first 3 days.

We started with just the cars, but soon run out of boot space so we now hire a transit for all the essentials - 32" TV, Sky Disk, Generators, Lights, party tent, BBQ, Disco Amp and speakers.

Check out our website www.lemans.galpins.com

As for the entertainment, listen for us on Tet Rouge!! :music:
We are going, taking 2 black A4 Cabriolets and a Golf V5.
We have been for the last 6 years and find that Techno Park is fairly good. Its nice and quiet without millions of people there too, and you can get to the showers / toilets.

Tetre Rouge is good but can be very noisy and I gather for this year due to a lot of building work around Tetre Rouge and the Mulsanne top corner the camp site maybe even smaller than normal !

Stoaksey, make sure you buy your tickets from the UK, its often a long wait at the ticket office to pick up tickets.

We pre-book everything with JustTickets, who must be just down the road from you in Dover. They are excellent and I never had any problems with them.

Look forward to seeing some of you Audi guys on the way down.

We have one of the first trains out on Thursday morning at about 1.30 to get there early.

As for entertainment, the fairground is always a fun thing - just make sure there's no Health & Safety guys from the UK ! I'm not sure it'd pass UK law!!

There is also a load of places to eat inside the circuit, or go for a quick trip outside the circuit.

Check out www.beermountain.com for the definitive Lemans survival guide!!

Hope this helps......


Yes tickets booked through Just Tickets in Dover.
Still haven't booked the ferry tickets yet but will do tomorrow.

Yeah the beer mountain website's great!

I think I'll get an AS-net sticker for the car, and maybe others too? Will maybe see some round there. Will try and find the amazing disco/bbq/tv tent of GALPS, if I'm bored !!

Can anyone recommend where to stop off en route maybe halfway ?

Well if you are taking the new toll roads all the way down then there is plenty of places to pull over. The toll road should take approx 4 hours so you may not even need a stop. If you are taking the 'old' road / route then there is still plenty of fuel stop and nice town and villages to stop in.

I'm waiting to see if Audi have any hospitality half way down again.

What day are you leaving ? You want to be going Thursday to make sure you get some space on the camp sites unless you have a pre-booked spot in something like the Air-Trak site.


PS - will get an Audi-Sport.net sticker ordered up for the car before we go.
We're currently planning on leaving Dover at c8am, so should theoretically get there early afternoon?
Have booked the 8am ferry out of Dover on the Thursday morning. And have booked the 11pm ferry back from Boulogne on the Sunday night.

How long does it take to get away from le mans on the Sunday. Imagine it'll be murder...?!

GALPS - excellent website fella. Apart from hearing about your man-boobs = too much info, but don't let it get you down ! Also don't be ashamed of living on a council estate... someone has to !!

Will be in touch before the race to meet up (and pinch a beer/burger or two) ?!

Getting out of LeMans can be a pain if you are camping in the middle of the track. However if your boat is at 11pm you should have plenty of time. I am affraid we have given up trying to leave the site on the Sunday, we generally do not have enough sober drivers.

As for the council estate, it's a bit of a long running joke - I'm out in a village not far from Guildford, if you know the area, you will probally realise there is not many estates around.

We are up to 20 people now, thinking of hiring a chef for the week, no one can be ***** to cook, and I assume you know how bad the food is at the circuit. So if you now someone who wants to go free then let me know. Food, drink, Sky TV and racing what more can someone ask for.
Unfortunately not, this being mhy first time. I'm a VIRGIN !!

We're camping at Beausejour so hoping not that much of an issue getting away. Will be in touch nearer the time, maybe get your number...
Everyone is a Leman Virgin once, however once bitten I will bet you will go again.

Sure PM me nearer the time and we will meet up. Have you checked out the LMP1 contenders. Apart from the Diesels (Audi, Peugot) Aston are entering a V12 Petrol in a Lola body Kit. Cannot wait to hear that rumble, the Audi is a lovley car, but too ****** quiet.
Could you explain what a 'live blog' might be ?!?!!?!?!? The last thing we think of taking is a ****** computer - being free of them for 4 days is HEAVEN !

Oh and as for getting out of Le Mans - do what we do and leave Monday morning - another night of beers !!!!!


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