Diesel Engine Run In?


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Jan 17, 2008
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This is my first post, and you guessed it my first brand new A4. It got delivered by low loader two days ago with 6 miles on the clock.....excellent.

How do i run in the engine on my A4 2.0TDI, how long for and how should i drive?

I dont really want to ****** up the engine etc
I'd not let the engine labour or thrash it to bits either & not rev over 3000rpm (if I remember right).
Apart from that, (I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will advise) give it approx 500 to 1000 miles before putting your foot down.
Sorry I cant be more helpful
I think Mr Sixx has it pretty much spot-on as far as Audi's advice goes. Simply considerate driving - not revving too high, and also not driving it like a taxi in 5th gear at 20mph with it coughing its heart out for a while (I think they might even say up to 2000 miles) is their advice. I think there's a paragraph or two in the handbook about it (there certainly is for my trusty-old B5).

It's worth noting that there are two schools of thought on this; as above, the careful and considerate driving method; but also the other camp who suggest giving it a bit of a thrashing to 'seal the rings' and things like that...

To be honest I'd probably lean towards the former though. Firstly because the latter sounds considerably riskier and perhaps 'abstract', but also because taking it easy for a few hundred/thousand miles is really the only advice that is dished out by those who design and build the car. Also, if you do have an issue and need to call on the warranty, you'll at least be able to put hand-on-heart and honestly say you followed their advice.

And... Welcome to the forum! ...If you see a blue B5 (**** HUA) on the M61 (although my journeys along it will be coming to an end in a couple of weeks) that'll be me!


Thanks guys i thought as much and have been drving in the style you both mentioned, i had a Golf GT 2.0TDI 56 plate and it guzzled oil.

So don't really want to end up driving a smokey joe that uses one litre of oil per tank of fuel.
When we got our 1.9 130 I just drove it gently until the temp guage was at 90C and then used the full rev range. The car has now done 33k and uses about .75 litre of oil between 10k changes.

The important thing is to ensure it's fully warmed, don't labour it and also don't baby it. There is a school of thought that loading the engine allows the rings and bores to bed in properly which stops excessive oil consumption. Unfortunately there's no hard evidence to back this up but there were cases a few years ago of Ducati bike engines making much more power if they had been riden hard from new. No idea how this affected longevity.

Of course I don't thrash it everywhere but I had no qualms about taking it up to 4k and beyond.
Me and one of my colleagues both got 170 TDIs last year. He ragged his from day one where as I tried to take it easy for the first 1500 miles although I did take it through the revs a few times once warmed up. His car has used 2 litres of oil in 11000 miles mine has used 1 litre in 13000. Mine also seems to be a little quicker and quieter too. This may be to do with how it was run but of course it might just be the luck of the draw.
Just going through the same! Been told to drive like I’m ‘driving miss daisy’ for the first 1000k miles then gradually progress the rev range after that!
I've done 800 miles now but to be honest i hope things improve as MPG isn’t anywhere near what Audi claim and performance isn’t great!
First gear seems to have no guts (may be its just on the Quattro's??)
Car was in the dealership over the weekend and i had an A3 S-line 2.0 TDi 170. With over 4000K mile on! The engine on this seemed a lot more free revving.
Mind that might be because it’s a loan car and everyone thrapes the ****** of it!

Anyway after a few more thousand miles I’ll be looking to get it chipped.

Thought i would give an update....i have currently covered 1000 miles in two weeks, i have not rev'd over 3000rpm and she is becoming really sweet to drive.

So thanks for all your help.

P.S i am getting around 48 Mpg which is nice.
Hi Guys,

Just a quick word of comfort!!

I have a 3 month old Spec Ed 170 tdi which has now covered nearly 10k (yes I do a lot of mileage!!)

Run it in as per manual for the first 1000 miles with a few "squirts" above 3k, after the 1000 mark used full rev range and haven't looked back since!!

Used a litre of oil in 10k and the main thing - THE FUEL ECONOMY HAS FINALLY SETTLED DOWN NEAR TO THE AUDI FIGURES:hubbahubba:

Getting at the worst 42 MPG.

I don't think they fully explain the running in process in the manual - I am a firm believer in the theory that it takes at least 5-6 k for these engines to bed in properly.

It has been a pig up 'til now - running and sounding rough, some days "on boost" quicker than others etc etc - nearly traded it for a 320d, but now so glad I didn't.

Just bear with it, the car will improve.