a4 avant roof rails easy to change?


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Jan 8, 2008
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hi, does any one know if its hard or easy to change roof rails. ie black to chrome ones. do they unbolt from inside easy or do you have to remove roof lining. thanks in advance
Dont most of the Avants come with chrome roofbars - looking at mine, I agree with petroldave, lining out job and personally I wouldnt fancy tackling that!

Dont think black suites that well:no:
thanks for the replies,as I dont actually own an avant yet I wasnt to sure if it was something that could be changed easily or not. I agree i dont think i'd fancy pulling the roof lining off to change them. The reason I 'm asking is the car i've ordered comes with the black optic pack and i find it all a bit to plain so asked audi dealer if he could arrange the factory to fit chrome roof rails instead.he said he will try but cant guarantee that it will come with them,so i thought if it doesnt i'll just change them,but maybe not now!