I'm in love with the S3!

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Just got back from a road trip with a couple of mates to Prague for new years in the S3. 1600 miles (of which I drove 1300!) and the S3 was amazing! Never missed a beat.

From driving on twisty roads to long straight autobahns, from ice, snow, slush and rain to cobbled streets it behaved impeccably, very comfortable yet firm and direct around the corners. The bucket seats were amazing! sat in them for over 9 hours each way, never been more comfortable in a car!

Also, got a new high score on the speedo - 166Mph! Although there wasnt a long, straight and empty enough road to max it, but I think 166 is pretty close! Love the unrestricted Autobahns!

Another thing that impressed me was the fuel consumption when I tried to be frugal. Averaging over 80Mph from Prague to Dunkirque got us 20MPG! but at one stage we nearly ran out of fuel in France and had to find a garage to fill up. With only 5 miles left in the tank we set the GPS to the closest garage 3 miles away, which was closed, so we set it to the next closest, 4 miles away which was closed, and again we drove 7 miles to the next one which was closed! eventually we managed to find an open garage with nothing left in the tank! we must have driven well over 15 miles with the needle past the red! very scary! When I filled it up the computer said there was 455miles left in the tank! so I just shows how far it can go if you drive frugally!

Very pleased with my choice!
Excellent mate. Main thing is you enjoyed every second of it... and with an S3 just tops it off.

Planning on a road trip either South of France...(Monaco, Monte Carloetc etc) or Germany. Hopefully some time soon. Glad you enjoyed yours.:icon_thumright:

Wasnt it your car that got detailed by Paul? How's the finish holding up so far?
boggysv said:

Wasnt it your car that got detailed by Paul? How's the finish holding up so far?

Yup it was. The car is now totally caked in dirt! But I kinda like the dirty look! I might clean it properly when the weather gets better in a few months.