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Sep 16, 2005
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I've seen the new Meguiar’s polishing maching, is this something that anyone can use or is it a case of leaving it to the pros. I notice the pros have gauge metres for checking depth of paint..

reason for asking - I am looking to get one, to polish out the minor swirl marks, once this has been done, then I purpose you wouldn't use it again... how many time can you using a polishing maching on the cars..?

Its impressive with the results you can get for doing this process...
The Megs one is a dual-action polisher which means it does not rotate purely about the central axis, but instead has a little throw in its action. The effect of this is that is does not generate much heat while working the polishes when removing the swirls. Therefore it is okay to be used by most car owners. It's the type of machine that 99% of people start out with to learn the basics of machine polishing and defect removal.

So, don't worry. And if you work the polishes slowly by moving the machine at a rate of about 3cm per second on the VAG paint you will create a big improvement in the finish.

You'll need a 3.5 inch and 5 inch backing plate for 4 inch and 6-6.5inch pads. You will need both polishing and finishing pads and maybe even a cutting pad, depending on the defects. The 4 inch spot pads are ideal for tricky areas like bumpers and door sills etc. Polished Bliss sell both sizes of pad, including the plates.

For polishes, you'll want Menzerna 3.02 Intensive polish and 106FA Final Finish and 85RD Final Finish. If you are just doing your own car then to keep costs down I'd recommend getting 250ml bottles instead of the litre ones. These will do about 4 cars.

The 3.02 will probably turn out to be your best bet on the VAG paint with the DA polisher, work it nice and slow. You will then poss finish off with 85RD on a finishing pad, although 3.02 does give a nice glossy finish if worked long enough. When I done my own car about 7 months ago, I used 3.02 on a polishing pad, then 106FA on a polishing pad also.

If you have the time then you can give the car another going over with 106 FA if you are careful with your wash routine over the year.

Check out the polished bliss guides first if you have not already done so and check out the machine polishing section on detailingworld too. Make sure you know a little bit about the process of polishing first.

It would be useful getting a local detailer to do paint measurements for you anyway so that you know the state of the levels. It would give you reassurance. Using the polishing pad and menz 3.02, working slowly should remove about 2 microns.

Hope this helps,

thanks very usful.

just had a look at bliss website and can get the stuff from there. you said this machine is what people mostly start with, is this one recommended or would you recommend another unit.. (pratice on the misses car 1st)

this seems a good start to remove the swirl marks, would you then use it again as it takes paint off...?
The megs machine is as good as anything for starting out, the other option is the Ultimate Detailing Machine (UDM) but it isnt yet available in UK form so you'd have to import it from the US. The Megs one is slightly more powerful anyways so its the one we all recommend to beginners/hobbyists etc now. While it has an orbiting action which will keep heat down, it does cause enough heat to potentially do damage on thin paint so as John says, maybe get someone in your area to check the paint with a PTG first - if you need someone for this then i'm sure we can suggest someone for you :)

The whole idea of machine polishing paintwork is to use the least aggressive combination available in order to achieve mimimum paint removal, so if you do this properly there's no reason why you cant machine your car a good few times. The difference is that providing you get your wash and dry technique sorted all you will need is a very light finishing polish which will remove next to nothing from your paintwork :icon_thumright:
thanks, see your closed at the moment and missed delivery for xmas...

give me a bit of time to think either to do this myself or book my car in, but thats again full..?? when are you accepting bookings again and for when..?
Have a look on http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/ - lots on great info on DA polishers, which polish to use etc, and there and some excellent pics of detailed cars from Polished bliss and other detailers.
Well worth a read - where I got most of my info from and persuaded me to buy a DA polisher (UDM in my case)

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