Turbo overboost & limp mode

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Nov 29, 2007
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Audi A3 2.0 TDi, 2003 onwards
Hi all, new to the site so please excuse me if I am covering old ground but I am desperate!

The problem I have is I am driving along ok, then suddenly no acceleration at all and the car is in limp mode and only works temporarily if you switch the engine off and on but only for a little while. This now happens all the time. The EML came on until it was cleared by the AA man the last time.

I have just had a full diagnostic at Amersham Audi, faults detected are:

P0234 (charge air pressure control limit surpassed, short time fault)
P1950 (radiator fan-V& not moving freely/blocked)
P1951 (radiator fan -V177 not moving freely blocked).
00003 Dash panel insert (control unit defective)
10 faults detected on the electrical system, all to do with sporadic electrical fault in circuit (I have replaced 2 rear offside brake light bulbs in 4 years)

They have quoted me £2000 for a replacement Turbo! Do you think this is the problem or are the dealerships trying it on, especially as I am a girl? I have read on this site that alot of people have had similar problems. Should a turbo go after 4 years? Also, I do alot of motor way driving so it gets a good run all the time but I don't spank it!

Has anyone had a reconditioned turbo fitted or can recommend anyone in the Watford/Hertfordshire area?

I would really appreciate any help/advice!

hey not sure if a new turbo is deffinately the problem.

but if it is i am able to get a turbo's at discount price. straight from the company that makes the turbo's audi buy from.

the turbo retails at 617 plus vat normally. i can get it for you for 460 plus vat they also do fitting, we are based in brentford which is not too far from you if it is going to save you a grand

there is a website which is www.turbodevelopments.co.uk

if you would like any more information either email me or phone the number on the website

but make sure it is the turbo first!!!:icon_thumright:
I had problems with limp mode and turbo whistling noise recently.

Audi said no loose hoses and turbo needed to be changed. Another workshop said the same thing.

Limp mode has gone now, so after they have fitted the hoses after diagnostics they must have fixed a leak.

I do need a new turbo though to get rid of the whistling noise. There was also some vibration from the turbo.

I have been bidding on ebay.de for new turbos, and forgot to bid on one that went for 101 euros... 24.000km on the clock
They are usually from unfallwagens (crashed cars) and have been checked to be ok.

Here is my search at ebay.de
Thanks Kettle, I will take it to another garage (non dealership) and get a second opinion. If it is the turbo, I will get in touch with you to get the details of the brentford place.

Thanks mjepson for the tip, will look into it too.

Audi have come back to me and said that AUDI UK are willing to give me a goodwill gesture as the fault is under 5 years /100K miles so it was worth asking, but still too much!
Hi Kettle,

I have rung turbo developments and have booked my car in with them. They will perform a (Free) diagnostic on the turbo and related matters to make sure it does need replacing before any work is carried out - can't ask for better than that! The lady I spoke to was really knowledgeable and helpful. The cost to replace the turbo plus fitting is under £750 which is half the cost I was finally quoted from Audi.
Thanks again!:salute: