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46k 08 passat dpf and g450

murran Mar 9, 2012

  1. murran

    murran Registered User

    had a new shape passat cc in at work with the dpf light on, eng. man. light and glow plug light flashing.
    anyway it had a throttle body fault aswell as p242f dpf overloaded.
    changed the throttle body but the vas said the dpf was past regeneration.
    so we replaced the dpf and reset the adaptions ash levels etc.

    the ecu seems to be stuck in a loop, the adaptions have been reset ok and you can delete the fault code to turn the management light off. but the dpf light doesnt go out and the glowplug light keeps flashing. turn the engine off and back on and the management light comes back on.
    now when you go back in to check the adaptions, there still all reset. you go thru guided fault finding to do a regeneration it says the calculated and actual ash loadings are 0 and says a regeneration is not nessasary.
    but still the p242f fault remains.
    i suspected the g450 dpf pressure sensor was faulty, but on a guided functions test the vas says its fine!

    any ideas?
    you think the g450 might still be faulty? ive read lots about these crappy sensors going faulty, but its only the 3rd time weve had one in with the dpf light on and doing a forced regen hasnt fixed it. first time weve had to replace the dpf.

    any words on advice appreciated.
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  3. murran

    murran Registered User

    so based on stuff i was reading on line last night, we ordered and fitted a new g450 sensor this morning. despite no fault codes for it and the vas test saying it was fine.
    went thru the adaptions again and boom light went out, cleared engine light first time....... no more limp mode.

    obviously was faulty enough to upset the ecu but not enough to flag up a fault.

    i think were guna be seeing alot more dpf faults in future!

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