Pug 206 gti


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Aug 18, 2006
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Sussex, Uk
My sisters decided she wants a 206 gti proberably because it's a pretty colour :sadlike: Anything i should look out for with these apart from the usual?
Agreed apart from a ridiculous driving position good cars to drive.

They're french so made of paper check all the bodywork.

Check CV joints and ball joints as these are a bit weak.

check its not leaking any water into it anywhere, have heard of them letting water in through no apparent avenue.

Thats all i know about em lol
Agreed, bad seating position! I still have my Quiksilver, and the pedals are offset to the right which plays havoc with my surgically corrected back.
Build quality is pretty pants, but it is a good drive and is good looking!
Not sure what year it is, she's got a golf mk3 cab at the moment so i'm sure she will notice the build quality difference. 206 should be a lot quicker than her convertible tank though.

I'll look out for those problems though, cheers guys.
Used to be a frequent user of www.206info.co.uk a knowledgeable site!
The GTi's are quick for a 138bhp car, and do handle ok, plenty of lift-off oversteer like the 205's and predictable understeer when pushed to the max, not that I ever did with mine of course!
I don't think my sister will be doing lift of oversteer much but good to know in case i borrow it lol.
Well she bought one, £2245 in the end after a bit of haggling. Nice little car performance didn't impress me though and the pedals where too close together lol. But perfect for her.