A3 54 2.0TDI Coolant Leak


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Oct 4, 2007
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Hey Guys, I've had my A3 for 5 months, and periodically I've noticed the coolant level dropping to the minimum mark. I checked this forum and found some horrific stories of the potential problem/cost and got the car into a main dealer before the waranty ran out - 2 months left.

Basically, after pressure testing the engine, Audi have replaced a section called the EGR coolant system where they said the leak was located. I am concerned however that this is not the main problem and in a couple of months time, when I am warantyless I will be stung for a £3000 bill to get a new head sorted out - something which seems to be a problem on this model.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions of what they'd do in this circumstance I'd be grateful. Cheers.
hi, just had the same problem,had to have the head replaced,due to air line fractures in the head.the coolant loss was only now & then & locking up when try to start in the morning.hopefuly this has sorted the problem, regards alan.........
if replaceing the EGR cooler has fixed the problem , you dont have much chance of getting a new head under warrenty

ive just had a new cylinder head on my A3 2.0 TDI , and to be honnest im not keeping this car after the warrenty runs out. whos to say the new head ive just had fitted will last any longer then the orignial ???????
I've just had this on my 54-plate - thankfully it's a company car, repair bill was £1800 - EGR cooler needed replacing also, but wasn't the fault. I reported coolant loss back in March, one dealer pressure-tested the `pots and couldn't find a fault, so topped up the coolant.
6 months on, coolant loss again, this time different dealer in same company merely 10miles apart diagnosed problematic head - metal porous so "weeping" coolant. Audi contributed 30% parts & labour - my warranty is up as car's now got 83k miles, but even so, this is hardly a wear & tear issue is it??
As you may have noticed in another post I'm having a whole new engine after only 7000 miles as the block was leaky. Fully covered on warranty but won't be keeping it too long and nor should you.