Power loss at 3000 rpm


Sep 29, 2007
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My 1.8T just started having problems while on a long trip.
It still cruises down the hwy just fine, but during acceleration looses power right at 3000 rpm.
The engine runs good and the turbo seems to spool up just fine.
Once I bring it back down under 3000, the power comes back.
The engine light never has turned on during all this.

Had the same problem on 1.8 T Sport few years ago after hard flog back from Austria, very dangerous during the overtake.
Stealer had the car for 11 weeks during which time it was rebuilt,
New coil packs
New fuel pump
Compression tests (4)
New turbo
New plugs
Lots of new sensors (virtually everything on car)

Can't remember everything else, eventually they removed cylinder head and found crack, new head fitted and problem solved.
All compression tests had been ok and car did not loose water ?

By this time stealer had agreed to supply new car under warranty, can't imagine what the parts and labour costs came to.

Hummm....the engine runs nice and smooth..even over 3000 rpm.
It climbs fast up to 3000 then the power drops off...but keeps climbing.
No engine light comes on....I'm starting to think it might be the K75 valve.
Well...from what your thread said, it very well could be a coil pack.
But I really dont hear the car mis-firing or running rough as you might think what would happen if there was a bad plug or coil pack.
But I've never had to deal with individual coils before, so the symtoms my be different.... Thanks for the info...I'll check it out.

Steve :keule:
I've got a 53 plate AUDI A3 2.0 FSI and i'm having the exact same problem! Have you managed to fix it? I've checked some forums but can't find an answer.

Some mention it might be coils - but i've just had all 4 coils replaced and it still does it - always at 3,000 RPM. Also had coolant/temperate sensors replaced as garage said it could be that. VAG COM showing no faults :(

Any ideas??

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