Upgrading A3 ICE!


Audi A3
Sep 22, 2007
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Emsworth, Hampshire
I want to desperately upgrade every bit of audio equipment in my audi.

But I am desperate for money right now so was wondering if anyone who lives near me would be willing to fit all the parts i'm buying into it. For a decent rate or for free (hopefully).

If no one would be willing to do the entire set-up then I would be very grateful for any help that could be offered.

I live in Emsworth.

Hopefully someone out there can help me.
You live miles away mate or else I could have done it!
You could probably do it yourself its not really that difficult.
I replaced everything in my a3 myself so if you need any help on DIY then give us a shout.
Cheers mate but it realy is a case of me just being a bit wary of stripping the car etc. and on how to do it...

Where did you get info from?
Or did you just find out as you went along...?