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Just to let everyone know the AndyMac StealthSub is available for non-Bose systems. It was originally posted under Bose Sub Upgrade, so you may well have thought it only worked with Bose systems (and who's got the time to trawl through that particularly enormous thread).

The benefit on non Bose systems is even more immense as the standard sub is so feeble.

PM me for details:
A few questions re: the stealth upgrade.
Does it fit the S3?
With the multi-changer on top, do the CD's jump?
How much does it cost?
How much to fit?
Can I have one on both sides?
How big is the sub?
Does my boot still look original afterwards?
Is there any vibration in the car?
Sorry for so many questions, but I like to do my research.
Yes, it fits the S3 and all flavours of A3.
Cd's jump less than before as the enclosure is made from 18mm MDF, so very little vibration. I use thick foam tape to secure the changer to the box, giving additional cushioning.
The enclosure is £50 on it's own.
Add £85 for the JL sub
Add £100 for an Alpine amp, 4 channel for non Bose.
Add £20 for a decent power lead to the battery.
Add £50 for full installation
No room on the fuel tank side, sorry.
The sub is 6.5" JL Audio 6W0 (see caraudiodirect)
Boot is completely unchanged.
The rear taillight rattles a bit, but not audible from inside the car.

Cheers, Andy

As I have the bose system, I would be interested in the replacement enclosure and possibly the sub aswell... is it a direct swap with the current enclosure or do i need additional parts like wiring?

Cheers /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif

Unfortunately it is not a direct swap.
The Bose sub contains its own amp, so you need to source and install a decent 300w amp with a low pass filter and gain control.
This needs a 40amp fused power lead to the battery and a chunky eath strap.
The remote on and pre-out's can be picked up off the existing loom running to the OEM sub (I have the pin out diagram).
I use very small spade terminals to plug into the connector, and then tape them down so they don't come out.
This way the wiring loom stays intact.
You need a short RCA cable with one end stripped down to the wires.
Connect these to the right pins on the plug along with the remote turn on lead and you're ready to go.
Alternatively you can bypass the Audi loom altogether and pick up the pre-outs direct from the HU using the Blaupunkt RCA adapter from caraudiodirect, along with a decent RCA cable. This does mean removing the HU and running additional wiring.
It is not a simple job and takes at least 4 hours in total as you have to remove a lot of interior trim just to get to the sub. I do provide full instructions, which I can mail to you if you let me have your address.
Cheers, Andy
Thanks for the info Andy, I was looking at the pictures and i just realised, i have nowhere to hide the amp. The pics show it hidden behind the rear left panel. The only problem is, my car is a 5 door A3 :-( there is a door where you have the amp located.

Any ideas as to where i can hide the amp? not really much space to play with in a 5 door a3.

Ahhh that's a tricky one, the only other available space is on the other side of the boot, where Bose put their amp, but you'd need to buy one of the new Alpine amps which are much smaller. And steer clear of drilling into the bodywork as that's fuel tank territory. With a small enough amp, it should just hold in place without screwing.

Thanks for the info, so basically its a rewire job of fitting amp and sub in a car. I think i'll give it a miss mate. Thanks all the same, but not keen on stripping my beloved S3.;)
Hi andy,
We still okay for the sub,amp install on the 28th?
Back in middlesbrough now...At long last...Cheers

Hi Andy at last I am getting my finger out! I have got me self an F400:


just need to get cables sub and of course time.

I am waiting fod Caradudio to get some brown bread as i thaught it would be prudent to do it with most of the panels having to come off.

fingers crossed b4 end off the month if that's cool with you?


Hi Neil

The panels in Audi's are already sound deadened, but I guess more won't hurt.
Just let me know when you want to go ahead.
Cheers, Andy
I can vouch for this conversion. Andy sorted my out this set up about 18months ago. I had bose but changed it all out which meant new speakers all-round (the fitment inserts for the door cards I bought from Andy too), along with the sub and the sound quality is great. Very neatly done and don't have to use up any of the already scarce room in the boot!

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