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Apr 9, 2006
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Posted this in B5 forum but no answer so thought you lot might be able to help instead:

Z82 said:
1996 2.6i V6 Quattro Sport 150BHP

I 'think' its the ABC? Im sure Audi only did the one 2.6 in the A4 but I know they did a 2.6 in the Coupe & 80 so my question is, is it the same engine that was in the Coupe/80?
Reason I want to know is its a ****** trying to source parts for my car so I thought it might be easier if I looked under Coupe/80 instead of A4.

Z82 said:
After a bit of research I found this:

80 2.6 6/92 - 12/94

80 2.6E 7/92 - 12/94

A4 2.6 1/95->

A6 2.6 V6 6/94 - 2/97

Cabriolet 2.6E 6/93 - 7/94

Coupe 2.6E 8/92->

Does this look about right?
Just did a quick check on elsawin.
Audi 80 93-95 2.6 engine code ABC
Audi avant 93-96 2.6 engine code ABC
Audi cabriolet to 97 2.6 engine code ABC but changes in this model year to ACZ
Audi coupe to 96 2.6 engine code ABC
A4 to 97 2.6 engine code ABC but changes in this model year to ACZ
Elsawin doesn't say when in the model year the engine changes code but what i mean is that the ABC 2.6 was available in 97 but at some point in that year there was a change to the ACZ engine
Do you know what the difference is between the abc and the acz engine? I am concerend that I have only 139 ps and not 150.

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