Moral conundrum!


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Apr 27, 2006
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To shop or not to shop him?!

Need some advice on this one. Basically to cut a long story short my s4 had been clocked in 2004 from 192k to god knows what, it shows 130k probably around 230k. Anyhow I did a check but it didn't show the mileage discrepancy so I went ahead with it. Within a week of owning it, the gearbox went bang and it needed a replacement, new clutch and flywheel at a cost of £1700, (I paid 5k for the car). So I decided to sell for various reasons. 2 months went by with little interest. Last week I was called by this ***** Asian lad, anyhow the short of was he’d found it was clocked, said he’d only found out that evening on the way down when he’s read the report. He offered me £4100, I was naturally devastated that my check hadn’t shown the mileage discrepancy. I thought he might have doctored the report too. So I said no and went home where I ran my own experian check to find he was right! The next day I called him again and he bought it for £3.550 a loss of over 3k in 3 months!

Anyhow he’s now relisted it despite answering me 5 times that he wasn’t trade. He’s not declared the mileage and quite frankly I want to shop him. What should I do?

I need to add he’s abit of a loon along with his mates/family, he obviously has my address and I’m concerned slightly of repercussions.

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I'm sure audi sport members can ask a few tricky questions on his advert. Make it very hard for him to sell it.
What a scummy c@#t!! Scum like that deserve to catch syphillis in my view!!! Im with randomjim, we can help uncover this crook!!
Well I know Id be ****** if I found Id been sold a car that had ben clocked, especialy if the seller knew about it. Start a thread on pistonheads forums anyone?? :)
Had a similar incident before i bought my A4.
I got the POLICE, DVLA and VOSA involved and NONE of them did a ****** thing! Bloke sold the car knowing it was clocked, i even tried to do my good citizen bit and inform the new buyer. I then got ****** letters from the seller saying that if i carried on telling people the car was clocked he would sue me!!!!
Legal system is *****!
Doeboy, put another advert up with all the same pictures you did before and mark it as sold for £3,550 because it had come to the light the car had been clocked. That should mess him up a bit.
this kind of thing really does my head in! I would start a thread on PH an see if anything can be done. theres always the odd prank call or 2..... but that would just be childish, wouldnt it? :tapedshut:
I might see if I can find a Terry Tibbs soundboard & phone him :)
his advert hs been withdrawn - it's probably on ebay as we type
He's a ******! The day he came to view mine he'd sold another Rs246 member a s4 avant that he'd clocked! and used some of the cash to buy mine!
More dodgy Asian car dealers, just what the rest of us decent lot need.
To be fair - I don't see why you need to state that the guy is of asian descent. What difference does that make? Either way the guy is bad news, but it makes no difference due to his heritage. There are plenty of other scammers that clock cars out there.

On a side note, I can imagine how upsetting it is. It's crap being the victim. There are a multitude of ways to deal with this. Plenty already mentioned in this thread. Just be careful is my advice.