Games featuring Audi cars to look forward to in 2024

Racing arcade game

The world-famous German car brand Audi has become a universal symbol for both luxury and high-performance vehicles. While many people cannot afford buying an Audi, the iconic German car has over the years been featured prominently in several computer games such as Forza Horizon 4, Need for Speed and Grand Turismo. Are you ready for new Audi game experiences? Buckle the seatbelt as we unpack great games with Audi cars in 2024.

Speed Heroes
Speed Heros is an exciting modern slot game with a racing theme. It consists of 30 paylines and includes various betting possibilities and bonus features. It is a game that successfully blends the world of slots with the world of racing, featuring Audi cars and other famous car brands. The betting range from 0.3 to 60 credits per spin makes the game accessible for most players regardless of their budget limitation. Individuals who enjoy fast-paced and fun games could potentially also try out the double bubble slot.

PISTA Motorsport
PISTA Motorsport is a classic PC simulation game that stands out thanks to its Argentinian racing identity. Despite its unique Argentinean flavors, PISTA Motorsport features all the leading racing brands including Bugatti and McLaren. Furthermore, Audi fans can also look forward to trying out the featured Audi cars in the game.

Test Drive Unlimited
Test Drive Unlimited is a new racing game from KT Racing that many fans are looking forward to trying in 2024. The reason is simple. It is a great game that is a celebration of both racing and great cars in general. While many of the leading car brands are included, Audi fans will likely be particularly happy that their favorite German carmaker is part of the race.

The game takes place in Hong Kong, making it a particularly rewarding gaming experience for anyone with an interest in Hong Kong racing. The game has realistically recreated the 375 miles of roads across the Hong Kong Island. Luxury living and exclusive cars appear to be at the center of the game, which is only underlines its value for Audi fans.

Assetto Corsa 2
Asseto Cors 2 is one of the most anticipated car games to be released in the summer 2024. Developed by the Italian video game producer Kunos Simulazioni, Assetto Corsa is expected to build on the success of its predecessor game Asseto Corsa Competizioni. Thanks to Italian car expertise, players can expect a robust and realistic car racing simulation game.

While the producer is still secretive about the details, it has been revealed that the game features no less than two different Audi models: 2019 Audi R8 LMS Evo and 2022 Audi R8 LMS Evo II. No wonder that so many car fans are already counting down the days to the release of this high-octane car game sequel.

GTRevival from Straght4Studios is a new racing game that reportedly ambitiously embraces artificial intelligence to deliver what is expected to become an unparallelled game experience. As the name of the game implies, GTRevival appears to capture yesterday’s motor sport magic and bring it to the next level with the level of innovative AI technology.

While the exact release date is still unclear, the game is expected to include classic GT1 cars like Chrystler Viper and Ferrari 550 Maranello. Furthermore, Audi fans can also look forward to the inclusion of an Audi R8 LMS GT3 car. Even before its highly anticipated release, GTRevival appears to have all the hallmarks of an excellent car racing game that is likely to become an instant classic.

F1 24
EA Sports is known for its history of great sports and racing games. F1 24, which is developed by Codemasters, is scheduled to be become the latest EA Sport-affiliated racing video game. The official release date is 31 May, and the game is expected to build on the success of its 2023 game predecessor.

While not all details are released, the F1 24 will likely include leading car racing brands such as Audi, Ferrari and MacLaren. Prereviews have already praised the game for its optimized driving realism. For instance, driving style will have a realistic impact on tire wear.

Le Mans Ultimate
As the name reveals, Le Mans Ultimate is a passionate and ambitious dedication to the famous Le Mans racing game, which was released in February. The game features an impressive and highly detailed graphics, which enhances the overall playing experience. Le Mans Ultimate features all the leading car brands including Audi, which will delight fans of the solid German vehicle brand.

Racing games rank high among the most popular games in the market. The famous German car brand Audi has a long affiliation with classic racing games such as Forza and Need For Speed. In 2024, Audi game fans can look forward to new hot game titles such as Test Drive Unlimited, Assetto Corsa 2, F1 24, Le Mans Ultimate and GTRevival.

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