Help with acceleration hesitation - with VCDS graph/log


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Oct 25, 2013
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Near Melton Mowbray
Hi Everyone

I've got a hesitation/holding back feeling when accelerating from low revs and with full throttle in my TTS 8J - the EA113 engine with KO4 turbo (it's a DSG too).

The hesitation happens around 2500-3500 RPM and then clears and the turbo spools ok. I can hear whooshing noise when the hesitation comes in, so from low revs you feel the turbo build initially, then whooshing noise and hesitation then it continues to rev and is clean all the way to the red line.

I have replaced the DV with a Rev G (new), replaced the PCV, replaced the plugs and coils, new dipstick (rubber o ring!), new cam follower for the HPFP.

I have logged the boost requested / boost actual and also the N75.

No recorded codes, no misfires, idle is rock steady.

Could this be the N75 or could it be somethinge else?

I have only just bought the car so I don't know what waste gate noise is normal while the turbo spools up at wide open throttle.

Thanks in advance

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 192529