DSG issues. gearshift communication PRNDS flashing


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Apr 12, 2024
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I have an issue once every 2 weeks where the PRNDS begins flashing and the car will go to neutral. Normally I can just cycle the key switch and the car and continue driving. It is completely random and under various conditions. I have scanned the codes after this happens and every time i get:
P1854 databus drivetrain faulty
p1680 databus drivetrain implausible message from electronic central electric
u0103 cost communication with gear shift module
and sometimes i get:
p1740 clutch temperature monitoring.
I have checked the microswitch on the shifter and also did a fluid change and replaced the clutch temperature sensor/speed sensor. Issue remains. Is there any other checks that are recommended? How do you check the CAN network to ensure the wiring is good to the gear shift or is it common enough for them to fail? I tried searching the forum but i haven’t seen my exact issue on the forum. thanks in advance
On which car?
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Mechatronic imho, in the US they specifically extended the warranty to 100k iirc, for that due to the number of issues they experienced, unlucky for us they didn't.

Not sure Audi there would honour that now though.
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Yup that'll be the infamous tmc module that has melted a few connections... in the UK you can get refurbished tmc's or have yours repaired if you can wait for a few days... they resolder the connections with a better more heat resistant solder and better insulated wiring plus they test them and flash the right and latest software to it... well worth the money if you ask me.
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Are you referring to ECU testing? I have seen some mixed reviews on them recently. I’d be willing to ship to them from the US but worried about quality.
I also find it weird as well that its gearshift module codes mixed in as well. Does the datalink for the gearshift go directly to the tcm? I work on semitrucks. Not used to german cars.