Returning to Audi RS


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May 24, 2020
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After a couple of years away with AMG ( a 2019 E63s estate) which was (spoiler alert) massively rewarding and my best performance car to date I had a short list and having taken a 4S V10 Plus R8 out for a test drive I knew it was a 'must have' (only the third car thats happened to me-knowing within 2 mins at the wheel that this was a car I had to buy). So this coming week (or weather dependant) I'm collecting a very well cared for Jan 2016 V10 plus in Ara Blue metallic with 3 previous owners. and all of 21000 miles on the clock (MOT history shows it did all of 2500 miles in the past 4 years). Having some bits done to it like alloys darkened, black badging, Urus paddles, PPF and blades put into carbon (they were in silver which seems odd). The spec is pretty bang on as well-took a while to find the right car and this ticks all the boxes pretty much.
Apart from the re-introduction (my RS history is 3 RS6's and a B9 RS5), this forum seems fairly healthy (unlike another well known forum which R8 wise is strangely dead) so am happy to be back!
As a starter, does anyone have a 2016/17 R8 UK centric brochure and price list in digital they can send across please?