Looking to get back into a rs3 ...some questions for the gurus


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Dec 12, 2011
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Looking at getting back into a rs3 again had a pfl while back

Seen two face-lift cars

One has perfect spec but 5 owners and 43k miles

Other has 2 owners 29k miles

The less owners and miles is better obviously but the lower mileage car doesn't have the comfort and sound pack is this really needed ?..my pfl car had the bang and oulfson system don't know what the standard system is like any one have a face lift car with out the comfort and sound pack that could give an opinion ?

Also is the Google earth sat nav still working on these ?


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I came from a PFL S3 with the standard audio system in, which was terrible. I then got it upgraded to the Audi Sound System with the extra speakers and Sub. This was a lot better. Having been in a FL RS3 for 6 months now with Bang and Oulfson, there is just no comparison. Its night and day.

All i would add is that unless you're an absolute lover of music and want to drive round with it on most of the time, then yes, you'd probably get B&O. However, I have it.. and I can't help but keep it turned down to listen to that lovely 5 pot and exhaust.

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