Bosch 5.7 ABS Pump - needs recording ?


Apr 30, 2023
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Had the ECU of my ABS pump sent away and returned - a couple of errors were found with it, rebuilt and returned.
The original couple of erroneous messages have disappeared but found a couple of news ones, was dealing with those when everything went haywire ! I have every warning light to do with ABS/TC/Brake lights on the dashboard !!

I was told that simply reinstalling the ECU did not require any coding but now I'm not too sure ?

My car is a 2005 Audi A4 1.8T with a Bosch 5.7 ABS pump.

So has anybody found that these units do need recording if you have removed the ECU from the ABS pump
That depends if they defaulted the unit, if you have vcds then recode it as per your car specs, then see if it goes away, but also remember, it will probably need a test drive to clear some as they do pop up if loses power, usually drive down the road with a few turns clears these, but then again we don't know what your errors are.
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Ah interesting thanks - I'll have to call them.
Think it just said that it couldn't read the ABS module therefore threw up all the braking messages imaginable !!
Apparently according to the ECU repair company, coding is not affected. I'm awaiting the return of the unit today so we'll see how it goes !
I've only got an OBDeleven scanner but should be able to tell if it's missing the coding even if I can't update it
Well ECU back in, all working together again.

It just seems to be a Rotation Rate Sensor 01542 (Yaw control unit ?) And sometimes 01425 Wiring Reference to that unit.
Bought two second hand yaw control units but made no difference.

Could it just be the wiring to this unit causing all this grief ?
Ok - for completeness........
I didn't buy a couple of second hand yaw control units - I bought a couple of second hand control units that are under the rear seat in a B6. These are 'yaw control units' for the alarm system :blink:.

Tried my hardest to clear various codes and just about to give up, thought I'd give it one last shot.

Dug deep into the dashboard to get to the official yaw control unit, unplugged it, reinserted it, reset things, did it 2/3 times before something seemed to happen. Completed the ESP self diagnosis test, stood on the brake pedal, drive forward at no more than 20kmph, turned through 90 degrees and boom !! No more error lights on the dashboard .

*Don't know exactly what i did* but I think it gets its knickers in a twist when a few errors are displayed.

Luckily didn't dispose of the car when things were going bad , MOT man said that there was a lot of life left in the car.