Power steering fluid all over the drive


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May 15, 2019
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County Durham
Went out to the car this morning and found a large puddle of power steering fluid under the nearside wheel :scared2:

Any idea of what it might be before I brave the pouring rain…..

Well almost a fortnight later and because of bad weather I still haven’t been out to look at the steering. I’m hoping it’s just a pipe clamp that’s given way but knowing my luck…….

I don’t have a clue as to where I can buy parts as the stealers will pull my eyes out for a part on a 2008 car. Can the community point me in the direction of a parts supplier.

Ok saga continues, had a sunny hour or so and popped the bonnet. It’s not a hose popped off the reservoir so it’s definitely lower down, what I can see are loads of seeds on the front of the under tray so my brain pod thinks it’s rats or mice that have chewed through a hose.

So now waiting on axle stands so I can jack one side, support and jack and support the other so I can get the under tray off. Any advice on power steering fluid as I’m seeing differing advice as to the type?.