Jap import S3 2015 Sportback Sat Nav help


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Nov 26, 2023
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Hi All,
I have just bought a Jap import 2015 Audi s3 made in Germany, Loving the car.. MMI works fine except for Satnav, if i select the NAV button i get nothing except this message " NOTE: The navigation data are not compatible" the glove box head unit has a slot for DVD or CD and a Sim slot and SD1 and SD2 slots... all these slots are empty, i have no DVD/CD or SDcard supplied with the car... the software version is MHIG_JP_AU_S0240 pictured attached.. I live in Cork Ireland, do i need to upgrade anything to get this to work? i.e map update or software upgrade? or new head unit.. (eek!) any help greatly appreciated guys.... totally out of my depth.... :)


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MMI needs converting or an EU one fitting and coding etc. I can convert these but not remotely. I do offer a mail in service for all VW Group brands including Porsche.
Ok, many thanks for the info DJAlix... i have decided to go the aftermarket wireless Carplay and AA route, for Google Maps and Waze etc, the Audi rep actually stated that the Audi maps were not available for my model and were pants anyway.... he recommended going aftermarket... even gave me the name of a guy who fits the units.. went with IMI 1000 unit from Integrated Automotive UK.. £465 + fitting, might do it myself as i'm a retired sparks... :yes:

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