Audi A3 8P Bose & RNS-E with Aftermarket Subwoofer + Amplifier


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Sep 24, 2023
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Hi all,

Really in need of some help in regards to this as I've been looking all over the net for info on this but getting mixed results.

Right.. I've got an Audi A3 8P 3dr which has Bose and RNS-E Headunit. I would like to fit an aftermarket Sub+Amp Setup in the boot. Now usually in all cars I've fitted subs & amps too.. I'd connect Low Level RCA's from the amp directly into the back of the headunit, but as we know, the RNS-E doesn't have low level RCA Outputs. Or, I'd use a Line Output Conveter from the wiring harness in the back of the headunit which would tap into the wires going to the rear speakers etc.. But I simply cannot understand how to do either on the Bose and RNS-E setup for the cleanest possible sound and without causing any other issues to the cars sound system or the aftermarket system itself.

Main things of concern and questions are:
1. I need the cleanest signal possible to feed to my subwoofer amp
2. If I was to use a Line Output Converter, will it be tapping into the RNS-E Harness behind the headunit or into the Bose factory amp harness in the boot?
3. Will any of the speaker lines that I'll be tapping into (whether it be behind the RNS-E or the Bose Factory Amp) be an amplified signal and will this cause issues for my Line Output Converter or my Aftermarket Subwoofer Amp?
4. What exact wires am I tapping into? Any wiring diagrams etc please?
5. I still want to retain the full factory Bose system to be working as it were normally

All/any help and advice would be very much appreciated!

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