MMI+ Wired to wireless Carplay/Andriod Auto with CARLINKIT 5.0


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Aug 26, 2023
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United Kingdom
I recently purchased a CARLINKIT 5.0 to make my MMI+ on my A1 wireless with my Android phone, also works with iphone and I guess any car that has wired carplay/Android auto. CARLINKIT 5.0 is the latest gadget of this type? Lots to discuss on this subject, I'm no expert, but I am very happy I bought it £42 in UK but well over £100 anywhere else in the world, I can use google maps, music and apps from my phone wireless ! I honestly did have a few set up issues, but I watched lots of you-tube vids to help me. If you do have problems with set up, I will sure try to help you. I have lots of my favourite music stored on my phone (samsung22+), apps like spotify, google maps. I can now see them on my MMI+. Again I am no expert, but I will sure help you. I see £164 on ebay !! I got mine for £42
S l960