How best to value your own modified car to sell?


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Sep 8, 2023
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Hi Everyone, after 8 plus years of ownership I’m contemplating selling my Audi B6 S4 Avant. It was stock when I bought it and now is JHM Supercharged STG 1.5 (so a smaller pulley but not charged cooled) and running 500BHP. To support this it’s had a huge amount of money spent all round.

The question is how best to go about valuing it to sell, I’m not silly or dreaming of recovering the £££s spent or the ZZZs nights. But to the right person I guess its got to be worth more than stock.

I’ve added a few photos, of exterior and interior.


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Looks like a really nice example and a credit to your ownership. :yes:

Whats it worth, well only as much as some one is willing to pay for it.
Like most owner upgrade projects on older cars, you will never recoupe your outlay but then its not always about that.
A lot of people would love that car and its performance but may also be put off by the upgrade as it may affect the car's original reliability and running cost.
I'd buy it no probs to be honest as it would'nt worry me but other buyers may not be so eager.

maybe a good way to work out its value would be to work around its current market value, its condition, age , milage etc etc with the engine as stock and then add on a percentage for the uprated engine.
The engine work will put a lot of buyers off who may be looking for a stock car with a good option spec such as yours but without the 500BHP uprated engine even though its a cracking car.

never an easy thing to value other than whats it worth to you.

Anyway, cracking car chap.:thumbs up:
To the small modified enthusiast market it may be worth more, to the mass market it is worth less than a stock model as they have to declare a modified car to insurers which shrinks the pool of insurers and increases the premiums.

One way to extract your money if you are not in a rush to sell is to offer to part exchange peoples OEM parts for your modified parts. Unless of course you have kept the original parts and can swap them back yourself.

Otherwise unfortunately even to the enthusiast market you will only be looking at hundreds not thousands for it over an original equivalent.

Hope you find that person who wants a modified car and willing to pay you want you want for it.
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