Headlight level sensors


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Aug 21, 2022
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Headlight level sensors.
Have audi a5 coupe 2014 and can't seem to find the headlight level sensor in front of car on the suspension. Found the rear sensor on the wishbone on nearside suspension with the wiring.
On the front there is nothing,not even any wiring or brackets for where it should go.
Headlights don't seem high enough when driving through dark areas and don't seem to change with speed so it's a little bit dangerous unless you use high beam.
Question I have is should there be 1 on front as well?

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Mine is a 2008 with Adaptive Xenons, the headlight beam 'turns in' left or right once car is moving, depending on steering angle. It has 2 headlamp range sensors, one on rear as described and front is nearside attached between lower front suspension control arm and body . Front sensor lever snapped (pothole!!) Replacement from ebay does work, but had to further adjust headlight beam height manually (they were too low) on headlight unit allen screws, and use VCDS to 'learn' new position. If your lights are standard Xenon, maybe there is only a single rear sensor?

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