B9 S4 adaptive suspension renew or scrap altogether


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May 26, 2018
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So I think one of my rear adaptive dampers is dead - rear drivers side! Feels undamped on bigger hits and sharp edged hits. Low speed and smaller stuff is however fine. The rear tyres aren’t showing any abnormal wear.

but given the cost of Audi adaptive dampers I was wondering about replacing them
With bilstein B6 sport or B8 . Obviously this would do away with adaptive functions but that isn’t a huge issue.
So ….. am I right in thinking that the drive select will be stuck in comfort mode ?
Will having had an APR tune make a difference of that is the case ?

If this is an issue Does anyone make a plug-in to negate any warning or limitation problems ? Or does this need to be coded out ?

If I have to stick to replacing adaptive dampers does anyone make make an aftermarket adaptive shock? Monroe looks likes like they make the adaptive dampers and aftermarket stuff but I can’t see anything listed for b9 S4 ? Am I missing anything.

At the end of the day I don’t mind losing adaptive dampers, I’m not really that excited by the difference they make and im always in dynamic settings - I’m sure that a quality uprated damper will out perform them.

help me out - what’s the forum wisdom on replacing adaptive dampers?
Out of interest (tried searching online), how much are the adaptive dampers from Audi? Mine has them and she's getting on a bit now....