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May 30, 2023
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West Yorkshire
I’ve tried following the link to buy some site stickers but I can’t ever open the webpage. I always get an error message.

Is there another place I can buy some from?

I will look see why link isn’t working
Thanks Sandra,

I just get the following message when clicking the link


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it seems to be if you click on YOUR link in your signature, it goes nowhere. No way of finding the store
I've used Chrome, Safari, Edge and it works on all of these - which browsers have you tried
all on a mac, so safari, chrome and firefox. If you are getting no issues it must be at my end me thinks. TBH I have had loads of issues with the forum with errors when scrolling, security messages about logging back in etc so may be related. Will try to recreate it on a pc when I get the chance
well just connected to a different mac using a 4G connection as opposed to wifi ( in case it was the router ) and same problem. So no idea now

Thanks for looking into it and your help.

I’ve tried the link again and still the same. I also tried the link provided by Frizzley and it opens the store but then tells me no products have been created.

I’m unsure and starting to think it might be at my end
I have the same issue
Gets to store but no product so it can’t be both of us

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