O2 Sensor Error Reading - S3 8V 2019


Audi S3 8V 2019 SportBack
Mar 6, 2021
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Evening all,

Complete novice here.

My wife’s S3 seems to be hesitating a tad bit recently. From the initial ‘google’ search, we thought it might be spark plugs.

My brother in law had one of these diagnostic kits and when he ran this yesterday evening, it came up with the following error/code. (See image attached)

Again, looked this up on the net and found that this correlated to the symptoms the cars been showing in terms of acceleration hesitation, slight vibration whist idling from cold start, noticing increase in fuel consumption.

Would this just be a matter of a simple swap of the o2 sensor for a new one OR is there something else we should be looking out for?

P.S problems still remain in performance after changing spark plugs and slapping on 4 new MSP5s (they needing changing).

Thanks in advance!

Mileage: 27k
Year: 2019
Model: 8V Sportback


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Hmm, if it were me I'd unplug/replug o2 sensor then clear all fault codes, run car for a few days & check for any new/same codes as it might just be an old stored code you're seeing.

Also worth checking the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve.

Hopefully others will be along with more ideas but so difficult to diagnose these things over the internet so might be worth speaking with a local independent VAG specialist who will have seen it all.
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