Flashing Traction Control light after 40k service@Audi


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May 24, 2023
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Milton Keynes
I’m new to the group and have a plaguing traction problem with my 2017 TTS. It has a stage 1 ECU/TCU from Unicorn Motor Developments producing 376bhp. I purchased the car with maps already installed in 2021 and the car was rapid quick , the TC light barely ever flashed in the dry under hard acceleration and pulled like a train.

Fast forward to March 2023 it had its big 40k service at Audi. It also had 4 new tyres (Bridgestone Potenza). When I got car back I started to notice fairly quickly the TC light was flashing under hard acceleration which it didn’t do before, turn the TC off and feels like it’s the fronts spinning. Thinking new tyres could need scrubbing in left a couple of weeks running in but it was still doing it. Then I was convinced it was then the Haldex pump knowing Audi had serviced it but probably not extracted it and cleaned. I phone them back up and explained problem but was told 6 week wait to book back in just to look at it! So I took to my local Audi specialist instead who plugged it in to VCDS but could find any faults in system. They then took pump off and the gause and inside pump were very clean. He also said he could hear the pump working under car on ramp so doesn’t think it’s the pump. He suggested contacting Unicorn as thought maybe Audi have removed one/both maps causing this to happen but I cant believe a standard TTS/S3 would spin that much under hard acceleration with around 70hp less then I have but I’ve never driven standard one to know how they drive.

I’ve got no idea what to try next, hoping someone here would possibly have any ideas? I’m still not convinced the haldex pump is working correctly but there’s no faults on the AWD system so is that even possible?
TIA, Dave