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Oct 17, 2010
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So I bought a used reverse camera kit off ebay, the part number of which is 4G0 907 441B (The module anyway). I was then told that this was the wrong kit and I needed the camera that didn’t use the module. This was by a retrofit company. I found a brand new kit on Ebay with the part number 4G0 827 566C. I emailed the seller with my car’s VIN and he responded saying that this kit was for a car produced FROM 06/07/2015. My car was produced on 12/06/2015 so I need a kit with a module
can any retrofitters on here confirm which kit and part numbers I need for a 2015 A6 C7.5 Avant Ultra, VIN number supplied via PM to anybody who can help.
Got me demented this has
Thanks everybody


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hi bud ive got a 2015 facelift avant and will be interested to hear how you get on with this and what's needed if you can keep the post updated, hope you got your issue sorted!
Not getting very far at present mate. I am fairly sure my car will use the newer system where it’s just the camera and cabling (no need for the control module in the boot), and Andy at Audi Upgrades Ltd has said because my car has the High Navigation system, that this is the kit to use. Other suppliers though have said my car needs the kit with the control module. That’s after supplying my VIN number. It’s all a bit head scratchy. I may have a genuine reverse camera kit for sale. Watch this space
If you got the kit with the module why don’t you plug it in and code it to see if it works?
The c7.5 uses the mib2 system like the a3 8v and as far as I’m aware both kits should work. Newer kits just has the module built in the camera where as old kit has a separate box.
other option is try @DJAlix to supply and fit as for me it worked out not much more than buying it myself. Still working after 3-4 years so can vouch for his work.
Yea I’d already planned to do that. i have had work done by Alex in the past and would trust his work 110%, however I really want to do this myself. For the satisfaction factor . I just need to get it right because its not a cheap mistake to make
Totally understand the satisfaction factor.
good luck with it and let us know how you get on.
Sorted, with immense thanks to @DJAlix, who identified and supplied the correct kit. Gave me pin out locations and coding instructions. The man is a diamond. Took me around 4 hours from start to finish. All wiring follows the OEM wiring and is TESO taped along its length. Only problem I now have is I have developed a slight but annoying rattle in the boot
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