Audi Tease Fans With Promised Extra Reveals

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It is quite an exciting time in the world of Formula 1 racing right now, particularly for fans. Not only are there existing rivalries that continue to be at play, but avid watchers already know that in the very near future there are new teams and new cars to be added to future Grand Prix starting grid positions and one of those is Audi.

With the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition scheduled to take place next month, the successful German car manufacturer have hinted that they expect to be in a position to release far more information about their future plans and their entry into the sport, when the event takes place, and naturally, this has excited quite a few of the sports' fans and you do not need to be a user of to know that whatever they release will come up winners.

As we already know, Audi will firm up their involvement as both a power unit supplier and strategic Sauber partner from 2026 onwards as the Audi works team look to make their own impact on F1. Although the date feels like quite a way of as of yet, construction and preparation work is already well underway at their Neuburg base in Germany where all operations will be handled. Work began on the site back in December when Audi first broke ground for their new Competence Center Motorsport building which will house the test benches for the power units.

The building is curiously called F7.2, and the company believe that the 3000 square metre compound (situated to the south western end of their existing complex) will be completed by the end of the first quarter next year (2024).

An Audi spokesperson recently excited F1 fans by telling the media.

“We will present our Formula 1 project at the Shanghai motor show in April. This is very important for us because China is for sure an important market for Formula 1 but also our biggest market for Audi worldwide. We want to present our project and also bring it closer to the fans because there was no Chinese Grand Prix for the last three years and we thought it might be a good idea to present our show car with the Audi launch livery there during the motor show.”

As well as the test benches for the power unit, it is already known the site will also feature technical rooms, a mechanical workshop and workplaces for an initial estimated 60 employees to get them up and running.

Audi have also obviously been on a recruitment drive in advance of the new complex being completed, and as many will imagine, interest in their project from applicants has been high, as the spokesperson added.

“We are using LinkedIn as our recruiting tool. And we see that it works really well. So since we are publishing our top vacancies on LinkedIn, we are seeing that we have more and more people that are interested in our jobs. So it’s a really useful tool for us and we also see that we can aim (the relevant adverts) at our main target group, that we can aim at engineers with our posts on LinkedIn.”

Whatever information Audi reveal at the exhibition, there will be plenty of interested on lookers.

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