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Aug 29, 2007
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I know there are already loads of posts about this, but I couldn't find any with quite the same problem as mine.

After replacing the battery I lost the one touch on both driver and passenger windows. After doing the up down trick with the switches, the driver side window now does the one touch again, but the passenger side wont play ball.

After holding the button up for a few seconds, I press down and nothing. When I hold the button down, the windows goes almost all the way down and stops about an inch from the bottom. I then have to press the down buttton again to get it all the way down.

Anyone had this problem before or know how to fix it.

I tried taking the battery off again and repeating the process but got the same thing.
strange, might be a faulty switch? i know the window has to go all the way down and all the way up in one movement for the one touch to come back. i had the same problem on mine with the passenger side. i just had a few(loads) goes and eventually it came back. think the window has to b in the up pos then all the way down and back up.
was it working ok before changing the battery?

this normally happens when you change/disconnect the battery. The ecu takes some tim to reset but it will be ok after 2-3 times using the window
Yeah it was working fine before.

I have tried it load of times with both the passenger switch and the driver switch. It's strange, the driver side worked again first time.

I always get some dodgy probs no one else has :(
don't think it's the switch as they're only a contact and if the window is moving then obviously it's passing current. i think i'd have tried disconnecting the battery again and starting from scratch. if the window is stopping near the bottom then it sounds like it's learnt the wrong position.
I think I'll give that another go tonight, along with my break light switch.

I'll let you know how it goes.
also after reconnecting the battery, turn engine on and don't do anything for ~5min to let the car settle and then you can try it again
I had another go and still getting the same thing.

Any other ideas?
I not sure if this is an A3 trick or a Golf one! open both windows to around half way - then lock the car using the drivers side door lock and hold in lock position - this should automatically close the windows.

Then unlock the car and try the windows again

Failing that - diagnostic time
although i dont have a problem with my windows i just opened windows half way and then lock the drivers door it works,you learn something new everyday.cheersfor that steve
Hi Dan,
Its the total closure feature of the standard alarm, if you have a sunroof i believe it closes that aswell, If you hold the key in lock position or if you have a remote - hold the lock button.

I had a similar problem to Kevy a while back and this is how i solved it, cant remember if it was my old A3 or my Golf before that?

Regards Steve
its handy to know as it saves having to get back in the car and do the windows up etc,as im lazy its helpful,cheers again
Yeah I tried this with the key right after reconnecting the battery but no luck for me Im afraid.

Read it in my haynes manual :)

The windows both go up as they are suppose to, but no one touch.

I can live with it being my passenger side, I just hope my driver one keeps working.

Oh, and would anything show up on a diag? I had one before my REVO and they didn't say anything was wrong.
Hi Kevy,
I dont think your problem is related to the motors/wiring/switches etc, I think somehow the one touch has to be reactivated?

I had my passenger side window mechanism apart the other week to replace a well known issue with the guides, I disconnected both the switch and the cabling to the motor, When i reconnected - i still had the one touch operation.

I may see a mate tomorrow (audi tech) so ill ask him.

Regards Steve
Hi Mate,
Just spoke with him - try this:

1.Lift and hold the window switch until the window has gone as far up as possible.

2. release the switch then press lift again for one second (important)

3. Job done
Tried that plenty of times and still the same thing.

I think there must be a problem with the motor or the electrics somewhere as the driver side works fine first time every time.

Its not like I am doing it wrong. Why would the driver side work first time and not the passenger side?

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