Another subwoofer inquiry. Sorry everyone


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Mar 5, 2023
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Hi all.

I'm kind of new to the Audi scene and loving it so far. I'm familiar with VAG stuff and have played with VCDS In the past.

I have a 2010 A4 saloon Technik which has a good sound system in it. Not Bose just I think an Audi system with speakers all round the car that I can set up on MMi as you do. I actually don't know what system I have lol.

My issue is the parcel shelf little subwoofer. It doesn't work. I can't get any kind of voltage reading to the connector when I change intensity in MMi, alter the fader etc etc. Nothing changes and it's certainly not making any sound.

The left compartment in my boot shows the navigation I assume with an empty compartment on top of it where I assume an amp would live but it doesn't. There's no loose cables anywhere which suggests it's not been ripped out. I'm really confused as to why the sub isn't working or at least why it's not receiving power. Any direction or help would be greatly appreciated.

Pictures for reference


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With the non-b&o system the sub is just powered off the silver unit in your left cubby hole. The amps are only with the b&o sound system.

Looks like you have a wire break somewhere to the sub or maybe a connection fallen off the sub speaker? You'll need to trace the wires from the silver unit up to the sub.

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