New S6 owner!!

Paul Darby

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Jul 13, 2017
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Very proud owner of a pristine 2015 S6 with 45k on the clock.
Original owner spec’d the car really well with adaptive radar cruise control, park assist, matrix LED lights, pano roof and piano black finish.
I’ve bought an extended warranty for piece of mind but am very happy with the car so far.
Any other 7.5 S6 owners got advice on anything to watch out for? Turbo oil screen has been done
Apple car play would be nice but I don’t like the look of the hacks I’ve seen so far.


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Very nice Paul. Enjoy.
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Thanks guys - will hopefully get to stretch it's legs soon!!
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Great car!
I have the s7 version, and there are a few common items to watch out for.
  • Active engine mounts are a common failure point. Doesn’t generate any in dash warnings, excessive vibration, and leakage of purple hydraulic fluid are signs to watch out for. If you have VCDS there is a specific test you can run on each of the mounts.
  • PCV failure. Symptom is a screaming whistling sound at all engine speeds, only stops if you remove the oil filler cap. Replacement is a nightmare, involving similar strip down to the oil screen replacement work. Most people pay to have PCV done same time as the oil screen - to save on the labour costs. Maybe yours has been done?
John :hi:

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