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Nov 26, 2021
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A bit of background about the car, I bought it about three years ago and about a year later the car seemed to start coughing and spluttering and kicking out loads of smoke. I took it to a garage that deals with Audi's and they put it on the diagnostics which showed a boost pressure fault but said it had been mapped and they couldn't see what the injectors were doing without reverting everything back to stock and didn't really want any part of sorting the problem which had been the case with two other garages I'd taken it to. They told me they'd had two hours on it and wouldn't charge me anything as they couldn't diagnose the problem and told me to sell the car as the engine was on the way out but the engine seemed great, was quiet and had no problems before this.

Luckily I have a family friend who's a mechanic that took a look for me. It turns out the egr valve had been what looks like welded shut to stop the gases recirculating. He then took the turbo out and said there looked like there might be a small oil leak so I took the turbo to a local turbo shop who re-cored it for me and said it was set up incorrectly and they would set it how it should be.

Whilst the turbo was out the dpf was sat below this and he was going to try and take it off to check it wasn't full, as the car seemed to have had the egr and dpf mapped out as there were no warning lights to indicate anything when the car was struggling and coughing and spluttering. He couldn't get it out from the top and said he would have to remove a lot of things to go from the bottom and has problems getting down under cars as he's a man of a certain age and struggles with his legs due to an illness. He hit the dpf cylinder lightly and it sounded completely hollow so chances are it's been emptied and when I looked under the car it appears the catalytic converter has also been removed as the exhaust underneath where the cat should be in the diamond shaped cutout is just a straight through pipe.

Anyway I got the turbo back and he put it back on along with a new egr valve that instead now has a blanking plate to keep the set up the same, he took the inlet manifold off and cleaned all the backed up soot out and put it back on and we fired the car up and everything ran perfectly. The car pulled well again and ran like a dream and has continued to for the last two years and still continues to.

Recently I have had a flashing coil light go on and off intermittently over the last few months but have experienced no loss of power, no struggle in starting the car and the other day the engine management light came on but has since gone off. I had the car scanned for codes and it threw up a p3102 error code logged but at the time it was minus 4 celcius when it happened and went off within a few minutes. It was a work colleague that scanned the car and said he'd had the same problem with his and he just cleaned and removed the soot from a valve to do with the inlet manifold and it had been fine since. I have checked all break lights are working to do with the coil light and they are but I have had a problem with the passenger door electrics, the window and central locking to this door seem only to work intermittently but this problem has been happening for about 8 months, I pulled back the door seal to check the wires going around to the front of the car and they seemed fine, no wear or abrasion but when pulled or pushed the window would work or stop working so looks like a loose connection going into the front end of the car that I am going to get sorted when the weather improves as the family friend doesn't have a garage to do this in and I don't want to ask him to sit in the freezing cold to repair something that can wait awhile. I love this car, it's just been a nightmare with everything that's happened with it. Also I would like to add the car makes a whirring sound that lasts probably about ten seconds after the car shuts off, by all accounts when I did this and had the bonnet up it seems like it's coming from the egr valve, as I can feel it vibrating when everything else has shut off.

In conclusion I'm looking for any ideas relating to the fault code p3102 and the flashing coil light occuring intermittently, thanks for any ideas and help. I am assuming there is a fault now with the new egr valve but as it has been mapped out and is blanked off that it wouldn't affect the cars performance, which it hasn't but seems maybe it's tripping a certain sensor now? It has been making the whirring sound for months but has never thrown up a warning.
Hi Brookie,

I'm going to guess since you've posted here in the B7 forum that your car is a likely a 2.0 TDI 170 A4?

The Noise after shut off will likely not be the EGR valve but it will be the Anti Shudder Valve which directly attached to it (beneath it) (the thing that is throwing up the code.)

It sounds like yours will need replacing. But the question is what caused it to fail?

I would open it up if I was you.

The last one I took off and opened up was completely filled with oil (for a reason I still don't understand).

My previous 140 B7 and my current 170 B7 drove fine with an intermittent flashing glow plug light. The Anti Shudder Valve does very little in the grand scheme of things and doesn't affect drivability for the most part. It mostly only actuates when switching the engine off. (It does partially close at low rpms I believe) but it doesn't do much and commonly go.

Regarding the DPF and EGR. Those being mapped out is a good thing imo. I've just paid to have mine 'solved' myself.

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IMF as stated is your 1st point of call.
Also check when you take it out if the flap is seized.

If it seized it may have also blown the fuse which will continue to throw up the error even with the new part
Yes it is the A4 2.0 TDI tr7, sorry for missing that detail in my original post, thank you for all the advice guys. Once I have chance to get the egr off a looked at I'll post what I find, cheers!
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