EGR+DPF Delete + Remap - What can i expect?


Mar 14, 2022
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So i've decided after another failing EGT sensor and upon the recommendation of other to just get my EGR+DPF deleted and remapped. What's your experience with this?Did you get better MPG or Power?
Let me know!
Providing you get a decent map, yes you'll see a noticeable difference in power. Personally I found the power started a little lower in the rev range also (3.0tdi).

Improvements in MPG is a bit of a myth, the theory being you don't need to work the car as hard to get up to speed so if you drive 'sensibly' MPG should improve, but real world I don't think this is the reality (plus you'll be inclined to enjoy the additional power having the opposite effect)
I removed by EGR a couple of years back, and changed my I let manifold to a flapless one, just less to go wrong.
I had her remapped (BRE) to 180 and the difference was dramatic.
She'll pull from tickover, and throttle response is much improved. Fuel consumption appears much better too, I've seen between 60 - 70 on the computer on a steady cruise.
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I was getting hard cold start issues and DPF & Engine warning lights coming sending the car into limp mode. I tried cleaning the EGR etc but In the end I got blanked and deleted from software, also gutted the DPF and deleted the software, cam timing readjusted as it was 3 degrees out and a remap at the same time.
Dramatic Change! 1 year and 6,000 miles later, car starts perfectly and goes like stink. Pulls well from right down at 1400rpm. Crazy fast mid range overtaking power. Will spin up in 4th if you boot it on a wet road.
Fuel economy wise I find it’s definitely better if I drive economically, but worse If I drive with a heavy foot!
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